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Re: Bug#238087: Incorrect handling of debconf translations in spip, gwhois and fontconfig?

> So bubulle, instead of once again pissing off people, please get your 
> facts straight first.

We're talking about several bugs at the same time (and, in fact, gwhois
was added to the other two after I initially wrote the mail about the
other two), so sorry if facts were slightly untrue for gwhois. And
apologies if you insts to have some....but I'm afraid I'll have hard
time apologizing because I'm hunting down unmaintained translations.

What puzzles me is you mentioning that the contact with translators
failed for all of them. This is completely uncommon. I suggest you use
some very short time to ping them again, using the podeboncf-report-po
utility (the french team is already taking care of French).

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