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Re: Bug#238087: Incorrect handling of debconf translations in spip, gwhois and fontconfig?

> The handling of debconf translations for the spip and fontconfig
> packages seems somewhat jerky, at least in recent months.

Now gwhois is only mentioned in the subject but in the text. But regarding
to gwhois the story is a little bit different:

1. A french translation was sent in on 2004-03-15.

2. It is true that i did not integrated that translation.
   But on the other hand i did not made any uploads either.

3. On the beginning of january, you (bubulle) announced your intent
   to NMU my package. You might remember the following mail exchange.
   I announced to you that i am preparing an new version with various
   important changes.

4. A few days later i noticed that i need to change some texts. The
   people who had supplied me pending translations where noticed on
   2005-01-10. Unfortunaly NONE of them reacted - until TODAY.

5. On 2005-01-15 the new version was finally uploaded, without the
   missing translations.

6. On 2005-01-29 you proposed to take over the french translation.
   Unfortunately due to continued lack of time i did not replied to
   that offer, for which i have to apologize. However i did not made
   any uploads since then either.


> -a version was uploaded without taking care of grabbing existing
>  translation sitting (should I say "sleeping"?) in the BTS

Untrue for gwhois. For circumstances who have not been foreseen the 
texts had to be changed and the old translations could not be used.

> -the templates were whanged without trying to notify the translators

Untrue for gwhois. Translators have noticed, but NONE cared to react.

> -trivial bugs are left abandoned in the BTS

I don't know what this has to do with the translation issue. This is
not true for gwhois either. A few "trivial bugs" are outstanding, 
but none is older than two months. Most of the other open bugs are
missing translations which i'm still waiting for.

So bubulle, instead of once again pissing off people, please get your 
facts straight first.


      It's an insane world, but i'm proud to be a part of it. -- Bill Hicks

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