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[TAF] po-debconf://clamsmtp/fr.po [URGENT]

Quoting Chad Walstrom (chewie@wookimus.net):

> I've added a new template to the clamsmtp debconf templates file, and
> I'm emailing you since you were the translator listed in the fr.po file.
> Here's the update fr.po.  I'll be upgrading the clamsmtp package to
> 1.4-0 within the week.  I would love to include the updated template in
> this version as well.  

I had noticed the changes in the former version already and posted a
"Work To Do" message in our list ("[TAF]"). This explains the subject
of this message which uses our formalization.

This message asked Florent Usseil, the former translator, for an

However, Florent didn't answer and I was abou tto post another TAF
message requesting that anyone updates the file.

Your message comes in time, indeed...:-)

For the french translators:

En résumé, n'importe qui peut désormais prendre en charge ette
traduction puisque Florent n'a pas réagi jusque là.

Veuillez utiliser le fichier envoyé par Chad Walstrom. Il faut faire VITE.
Steve, toi qui es le Lucky Luke de la traduction, je compte sur toi.

Par contre, je ne serai pas là ce week-end pour relire.

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