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The Plan (was: Re: Re: Page d'état automatique ...)

Hi francophones,

So what is the plan with respect to your translation status page? I
would love to develop the page further and if we want to integrate it in
the debian pages we should definitely do that. For that to
happen somebody needs to set up some things on a debian server,
ideally something where I can commit to. So if there's a debian
developer who could do that, please do so. 

Because of debian bureaucracy, this will probably not happen really
fast. In the mean time I'm prepared, unless somebody else is already
working on an alternative (nico?), to host a status page for the french
translations myself.
For this to really happen, I need a few things:
* the archive of you're list for the initial import (do not mail it
* a list of the tags you use and their translation to ours

This will not happen this week (I will be at some workshop).

grts Tim

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