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Re: Bug#409782: German manual page of aptitude is incomplete

(Finnish and Czech translators, please read on...this really concerns
you as well)

Quoting Simon Bienlein (kontakt@linux-fuer-blinde.de):
> Package: aptitude
> Version: 0.4.4-1
> I am dealing with how to remove automatically installed packages
> completely. Doing this, I noticed that the following options are not
> listed on the German manual page of aptitude:
> -h, --help
> --purge-unused
> --schedule-only
> -q[=<n>], --quiet[=<n>]

"unfortunately", the german manpage is currently handled as a manual
XML translation of the original XML file, which doesn't scale very
well when changes are done to the original manpage.

I'm hereby CC'ing Sebastian Kapfer who is, I think, the translator of
aptitude doc files, as well as the German l10n mailing list.

What could be done is switching the aptitude documentation translation
to gettext, just like it has been done for French and Japanese.

That would mean that a big PO file (1379 strings) would be produced
from the current XML file, with all strings "fuzzy" as everyhting has
to be reviewed at least once.

This is a big work but a big investment in the future as the doc
translation then becomes maintainable, while it isn't currently.

The same goes for Finnish translation by Kaako Kangasharju (CC'ed) and
the Czech translation by an unknown author.

The French specialists of po4a are ready to help with that work
(except translation...:-).

Please just mention if you're OK. That would mean that, in the
meantime, the doc (man page and all other docs) is untranslated but
maybe better nothing than an outdated translation....

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