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Re: Bug#409782: German manual page of aptitude is incomplete

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 06:09:09PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> That would mean that a big PO file (1379 strings) would be produced
> from the current XML file, with all strings "fuzzy" as everyhting has
> to be reviewed at least once.

I am strongly in favor doing this for as many man pages as possible.
But this is definitly post Etch!

> The French specialists of po4a are ready to help with that work
> (except translation...:-).

I extend my thanks for their help here.

> Please just mention if you're OK. That would mean that, in the
> meantime, the doc (man page and all other docs) is untranslated but
> maybe better nothing than an outdated translation....

(Please note, I am not the one reviewing this!)

This is very good post-Etch, i.e. for Lenny. For Etch, the (slightly)
outdated but translated version should be kept. By experience I know
that *many* translated man pages are outdated, but often they are
"close enough" for most users, so by far better than a completely
untranslated version. If you want, we (the german translator) can
provide you with a note that some changes are not included in the
translated version and hence if in doubt the english original should
be used. This text of course will go, once the transition to gettext has
happened, of course.

Thanks for noticing and taking care of the translation!



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