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Re: Manually add firmware (or other) packages for installation?

On 2/26/21 8:15 PM, Holger Wansing wrote:
> This is most probably not a perfect solution,  but several
> bugs/installation reports have shown that this will become
> a wide-spread problem, and therefore this is better than
> nothing IMO.
> And yes, developers are always able to help themselves,
> but we should also think about users and newbies.

Could you link to one or more of those bug reports so I can get an
assessment of the situation myself?

>> Also, the packages will only be available if you use the non-free
>> installer images
>> which are not the ones we are shipping by default. So if someone uses
>> the default
>> DFSG-compliant images, they won't be able to install
>> firmware-amd-graphics and
>> so on.
> I have tested this, and therefore I know, that the above
> is not true: if you have said YES to the question, if
> non-free sources should be activated, you can add
> such firmware packages from non-free here, and they
> will get installed.

Wouldn't that be a policy violation? If the regular installer enables non-free
sources, I would consider those installer images to be not DFSG-compliant.


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