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Re: debconfig-common new template text review

Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
>> Rafael, can you answer this question. I don't know. But I guess this is
>> one of the difficult problems with the fact that remote MySQL/MariaDB
>> support may mean that we are talking to a different version than we
>> would expect in our "own" release. I.e. in a Debian bullseye package we
>> may be talking to a Redhat whatever version of MySQL server.
> I'll try to make it more "binary":
> - If user chooses "default":
>     MariaDB: will create users using "default" auth mechanism/plugin.
>     MySQL: will create users using "default" auth mechanism/plugin.

As I mention in my other mail, there are too many levels of "default"
floating around here,  Any time we mention this one it should probably
be as the "server default".

> - MySQL default authentication plugin:
>     - Before 8.0.11: "mysql_native_password"
>     - 8.0.11 and after: "caching_sha2_password"
> - MariaDB default authentication plugin:
>     - "mysql_native_password"
>     - "mysql_old_password"
>     - "auth_ed25519"
>     - "auth_pam"
> MySQL available authentication plugins:
>     - mysql_native_password
>     - sha256_password
>     - caching_sha2_password
>     - mysql_clear_password
>     - authentication_pam

These names look pretty arbitrary to me - as in: what's the difference
between the ones that do include the word "mysql" and the ones that
don't?  Or likewise "password"?  And is there really one called
"auth_pam" and another called "authentication_pam"?
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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