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Re: Please review templates file for NEW package "x2godesktopsharing"


On  Mi 14 Nov 2018 16:36:14 CET, Justin B Rye wrote:

Shouldn't it at some stage say the *name* of the group it's thinking
of creating?  If (as is later implied) the name is x2godesktopsharing,
I would suggest:

  _Description: Create x2godesktopsharing group?
    X2Go Desktop Sharing grants users the privileges to share X2Go/X11
    desktop sessions with one another via membership of a common POSIX
    group. The group being used for this can be configured system-wide and
    on a per user basis (in X2Go Desktop Sharing's user configuration).
    Please specify whether X2Go Desktop Sharing should set up the group
    "x2godesktopsharing" as the system-wide default group used for this
    Alternatively, if you reject this option, you will be asked to assign
    the role to some already existing group.
    With no such group users will not be able to share X2Go/X11 desktop

Thanks a lot for the review. In fact you understood the question pattern not as I intended it to be. However, I now adjusted the question asking and processing to your suggested templates file.

Thanks a lot, I will now proceed to the call for translation.


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