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DPN 2017/02 almost frozen, please review and translate

Hi all

The second issue of the DPN for this year is almost ready:


Please review and translate.

Content-wise, I think that the only part left is to add a selection of micronews
for the months of April -> August, in the Quick link section, so IMO you can start
reviewing and translating now, since the rest of the DPN I think it's ready.

I'll complete the Quick links section in some hours, if nobody beats me to it :)

Let's publish it soon, what about Monday European afternoon? (15:00 UTC or so).

Thanks to everyone involved, particularly, the new contributors that added
content while being in DebConf17, and the English reviewers and translators,
that always try to help, even when I call with so short notice. I'll try to
plan better for the next time!

Laura Arjona Reina

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