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Re: FAQ.html and MANUAL.html, was Re: fwd: Re: Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

Hello Justin

I went through your mails date 7th, 8th and 14th of april.

The attached csv-file contains a short and a long description for w3m
functions and for headings in panels or in the howto.

I do not know whether it makes sense to hava a short and a long
description. When I began, I thought of using the short descriptions
for comments in the source files and the long ones for the howto. I'
not convinced about it because the short ones are less
precise. Probably Tatsuya as maintainer is able to decide.

Anyway; we should focus on getting concise and uniform descriptions
for w3m functions.

Best regards
,,from w3mfunc-desc,state function,short,long,
ACCESSKEY,0,,implementation not clear,Pop up accesskey menu,,
ADD_BOOKMARK,0,,,Add current page to bookmarks,Add current page to bookmarks,
ALARM,0,,implementation not clear,Set alarm,,
BACK,0,,,Close current buffer,Close current buffer and return to the one below in the stack,
BEGIN,0,,,Go to the first line,Go to the first line,
BOOKMARK,0,,,View bookmarks,View bookmarks,
BOOKMARK-1,VIEW_BOOKMARK,,,View bookmarks,View bookmarks,
CENTER_H,0,,,Center on cursor column,Center screen right and left of the cursor column,
CENTER_V,0,,,Center on cursor line,Center screen above and below the cursor line,
CHARSET,0,,,Use encoding,Change the character encoding for the current document,
CLOSE_TAB,0,,,Close current tab,Close current tab,
CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE,0,,implementation not clear,,,
COMMAND,0,,,Invoke w3m function,Invoke w3m function,
COOKIE,0,,,View cookie list,Show cookie jar,
DEFAULT_CHARSET,0,,,Default encoding,Change the default character encoding,
DEFINE_KEY,0,,,Set up a key binding,Define a binding between a key stroke combination and a command,
DELETE_PREVBUF,0,,,Delete previous buffer,Delete previous buffer (mainly for local CGI),
DICT_WORD,0,,not within debian (Your mail 8.4.2016),Execute dictionary command (see README.dict),,
DICT_WORD_AT,0,,not within debian (Your mail 8.4.2016),Execute dictionary command for word at cursor,,
DISPLAY_IMAGE,0,,,Redraw images,Redraw images,
DOWN,0,,,Scroll the screen down one line,Scroll screen down one line,
DOWNLOAD_LIST,0,,,Display downloads panel,Display downloads panel,
EDIT,0,,,Edit local source,Edit local source,
EDIT_SCREEN,0,,,Edit rendered copy of page,Edit rendered copy of page,
END,0,,,Go to the last line,Go to the last line,
ESCBMAP,0,,implementation not clear,,,
ESCMAP,0,,implementation not clear,,,
EXIT,0,,,Quit at once,Quit at once,
EXIT-1,ABORT,,,Quit at once,Quit at once,
EXTERN,0,,,Display using an external browser,Display current document using an external browser. Prefixed with 2 ? 9 starts alternative configured browsers,
EXTERN_LINK,0,,,Display target using an external browser,Display hyperlink target using an external browser. Prefixed with 2 ? 9 starts alternative configured browsers,
FRAME,0,,,Toggle rendering HTML frames,Toggle rendering HTML frames,
GOTO,0,,,Open new URL,Open URL within a new buffer,
GOTO_LINE,0,,,Go to the specified line,Go to the specified line,
GOTO_LINK,0,,,Follow hyperlink,Follow current hyperlink within a new buffer,
GOTO_RELATIVE,0,,,Go to relative URL,Open relative URL in a new buffer,
HELP,0,,,Show help panel,Show help panel,
HISTORY,0,,,Show browsing history,Show browsing history,
INFO,0,,,About this document,Display information about current document,
ISEARCH,0,,,Incremental search forward,Incremental search forward,
ISEARCH_BACK,0,,,Incremental search backward,Incremental search backward,
LEFT,0,,,Shift screen one column left,Shift screen one column left,
LINE_BEGIN,0,,,Go to the beginning of the line,Go to the beginning of the line,
LINE_END,0,,,Go to the end of the line,Go to the end of the line,
LINE_INFO,0,,,Display position,Display current position in page,
LINK_BEGIN,0,,,Move to the first hyperlink,Move to the first hyperlink,
LINK_END,0,,,Move to the last hyperlink,Move to the last hyperlink,
LINK_MENU,0,,,Pop up link element menu,Pop up link element menu,
LINK_N,0,,,Go to the nth link,,
LIST,0,,,Show URLs referenced,"Show all link elements, hyperlinks and images",
LIST_MENU,0,,,Pop up hyperlink menu,Pop up link menu with the current hyperlink selected,identical to LIST_MENU but no alias
LOAD,0,,,Open local file,Open local file within another buffer,
MARK,0,,,Toggle mark,Set/unset mark,
MARK_MID,0,,,Turn Message-ID-like strings into hyperlinks,Turn Message-ID-like strings into hyperlinks,
MARK_URL,0,,,Turn URL-like strings into hyperlinks,Turn URL-like strings into hyperlinks,
MARK_WORD,0,,,Turn word into hyperlink,Turn current word into hyperlink,
MENU,0,,,Pop up menu,Pop up menu,
MENU_MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,,,
MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,Mouse operation,,
MOUSE_TOGGLE,0,,,Toggle mouse support,Toggle mouse support,
MOVE_DOWN,0,,,Cursor down,Move the cursor down (with a half-screen scroll at the screen edge),
MOVE_DOWN1,0,,,Cursor down,Move the cursor down (with a one-line at the screen edge),
MOVE_LEFT,0,,,Cursor left,Move cursor left (with half a screen shift at the edge of the screen),
MOVE_LEFT1,0,,,Cursor left,Move cursor left (with one column shift at the edge of the screen),
MOVE_LIST_MENU,0,,,Pop up link menu,Pop up link list menu and move cursor to selected link,identical to LIST_MENU but no alias
MOVE_MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,,Move cursor to mouse position,
MOVE_RIGHT,0,,,Cursor right,Move cursor right (with half a screen shift at the edge of the screen),
MOVE_RIGHT1,0,,,Cursor right,Move cursor right (with one column shift at the edge of the screen),
MOVE_UP,0,,,Cursor up,Move the cursor up (with a half-screen scroll at the screen edge),
MOVE_UP1,0,,,Cursor up,Move the cursor up (with a one-line scroll at the screen edge),
MSGS,0,,,Show errors,Display error messages,
MULTIMAP,0,,helps w3m to crash :-),,,
NEW_TAB,0,,,Open new tab,Open current page as new tab,
NEXT,0,,,Next buffer,Switch to the next buffer,
NEXT_DOWN,0,,,Move downward to the next link,Move downward to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_HALF_PAGE,0,,,Down half a page,Scroll down half a page,
NEXT_LEFT,0,,,Move left to the next link,Move left to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_LEFT_UP,0,,,Move left or upward to the next link,Move left or upward to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_LINK,0,,,Next hyperlink,Move to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_MARK,0,,,Go to the next mark,Go to the next mark,
NEXT_PAGE,0,,,Scroll down one page,Scroll one page downwards,
NEXT_RIGHT,0,,,Move right to the next link,Move right to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_RIGHT_DOWN,0,,,Move right or downward to the next link,Move right or downward to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_TAB,0,,,Next tab,Switch to the next tab,
NEXT_UP,0,,,Move upward to the next link,Move upward to the next hyperlink,
NEXT_VISITED,0,,,Next visited hyperlink,Move to the next visited hyperlink,
NEXT_WORD,0,,,Next word,Move to the next word,
NULL,0,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,
NULL-1,NOTHING,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,
NULL-2,@@@,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,
OPTIONS,0,,,Show options panel,Display options setting panel,
PCMAP,0,,completely obscure function,,,
PEEK,0,,,Show current URL,Show current addresse,
PEEK_IMG,0,,,Show image URL,Show image addresse,
PEEK_LINK,0,,,Show hyperlink URL,Show target addresse,
PIPE_BUF,0,,,Pipe current buffer through shell command,Pipe current buffer through a shell command and display output,
PIPE_SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command and display the output,Execute shell command and display the output,
PREV,0,,,Previous buffer,Switch to previous buffer,
PREV_HALF_PAGE,0,,,Up half a page,Scroll up half a page,
PREV_LINK,0,,,Previous hyperlink,Move to the previous hyperlink,
PREV_MARK,0,,,Go to the previous mark,Go to the previous mark,
PREV_PAGE,0,,,Show previous page,Scroll one page up,
PREV_TAB,0,,,Previous tab,Switch to the previous tab,
PREV_VISITED,0,,,Previous visited hyperlink,Move to the previous visited hyperlink,
PREV_WORD,0,,,Previous word,Move to the previous word,
QUIT,0,,,Quit when confirmed,Quit with confirmation request,
READ_SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
REDO,0,,,Revoke undo,Cancel the last undo,
REDRAW,0,,,Redraw screen,Draw screen anew,
REG_MARK,0,,,Mark matches to pattern,Mark all occurrences of a pattern,
REINIT,0,,,Reconfigure,Reload configuration file,
RELOAD,0,,,Reload document,Load current document anew,
RESHAPE ,0,,,Re-render buffer,,insufficient documentation
RIGHT,0,,,Shift screen one column right,Shift screen one column right,
SAVE,0,,,Save document source,Save document source,
SAVE-1,DOWNLOAD,,,Save document source,Save document source,
SAVE_IMAGE,0,,,Save image,Save inline image,
SAVE_LINK,0,,,Save link target,Save the hyperlink target,
SAVE_SCREEN,0,,,Save rendered document,Save rendered document,
SAVE_SCREEN-1,PRINT,,,Save rendered document,Save rendered document,
SEARCH,0,,,Search forward,Search forward,
SEARCH-1,SEARCH_FORE,,,Search forward,Search forward,
SEARCH-2,WHEREIS,,,Search forward,Search forward,
SEARCH_BACK,0,,,Search backward,Search backward,
SEARCH_NEXT,0,,,Next match,Continue search forward,
SEARCH_PREV,0,,,Previous match,Continue search backward,
SELECT,0,,,Show buffer panel,Display buffer-stack panel,
SELECT_MENU,0,,,Pop up buffer menu,Pop up buffer-stack menu,
SET_OPTION,0,,,Set option,Set option,
SETENV,0,,,Set environment variable,Set environment variable,
SGRMOUSE,0,,obscure function,SGR 1006 mouse operation,,
SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
SHELL-1,EXEC_SHELL,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
SHIFT_LEFT,0,,,Shift screen left,Shift screen left,
SHIFT_RIGHT,0,,,Shift screen right,Shift screen right,
SOURCE,0,,,Display HTML source,Display HTML source,
SOURCE-1,VIEW,,,Display HTML source,Display HTML source,
STOP_IMAGE,0,,,Stop loading images,Stop loading and drawing of images,insuffiient documentation
SUBMIT,0,,,Submit form,Submit form,
SUSPEND ,0,,,Suspend,Suspend w3m to background,
SUSPEND-1,INTERRUPT,,,Suspend,Suspend w3m to background,
TAB_GOTO,0,,,Open URL in new tab,Open URL in a new tab,"Google hits content ""in a""  > ""on a""  > ""as a""  > ""within a"" tab"
TAB_GOTO_RELATIVE,0,,,Open relative adresse in new tab,Open relative addresse in a new tab,
TAB_LEFT,0,,,Next tab left,Move left along the tab bar,
TAB_LINK,0,,,Follow link in a new tab,Folloy current hyperlink in a new tab,
TAB_MENU,0,,,Show tab menu,Pop up tab selection menu,
TAB_MOUSE,0,,"does not work, implementation not clear",,Move to tab on mouse cursor (for mouse action),
TAB_RIGHT,0,,,Next tab right,Move right along the tab bar,
UNDO,0,,,,Cancel the last cursor movement,
UP,0,,,,Scroll screen up one line,
VERSION,0,,,Display version,Display version of w3m,
VIEW_IMAGE,0,,,Send image to viewer,Display image in viewer,
WRAP_TOGGLE,0,,,Toggle search wrap mode,Toggle wrapping mode in searches,
,,BUF:DELETE,,Delete item,Delete selected item,"as ""item"" applies to buffer menu and tab menu"
,,BUF:GO,,Select item,Go to the selected item,
,,BUF:NEXT,,Next item,Move to the next item,
,,BUF:PREV,,Previous item,Move to the previous item,
,, ,,,,
,,LINEEDIT:ACCEPT,,Accept,Accept input line,
,,LINEEDIT:BACK,,Backward,Move cursor backward,
,,LINEEDIT:BOTTOM,,,Move to the end of the line,
,,LINEEDIT:BS,,,Delete previous character,
,,LINEEDIT:COMPLETE,,Complete filename,Try to complete filename,
,,LINEEDIT:DEL,,,Delete current character,
,,LINEEDIT:EDITOR,,,Edit with external editor,
,,LINEEDIT:FORWARD,,,Move cursor forward,
,,LINEEDIT:KILL_AFTER,,,Delete everything after cursor,
,,LINEEDIT:KILL_BEFORE,,,Delete everything before cursor,
,,LINEEDIT:NEXT,,,Fetch the next string from the history list,
,,LINEEDIT:PREV,,,Fetch the previous string from the history list,
,,LINEEDIT:TOP,,,Move to the begin of the line,
,, ,,,,
,,MENU:CANCEL,,Back,One selection step backward,
,,MENU:CLOSE,,Close,Close menu,
,,MENU:DOWN,,,Move to the next item,
,,MENU:LAST,,,Move to the final item,
,,MENU:LINE_DOWN,,,Scroll down one item,
,,MENU:LINE_UP,,,Scroll up one item,
,,MENU:NEXT,,,Go to the next page,
,,MENU:PREV,,,Go to the previous page,
,,MENU:SEARCH_BACK,,,Search backward,
,,MENU:SEARCH_FORE,,,Search forward,
,,MENU:SEARCH_NEXT,,,Search for next match,
,,MENU:SEARCH_PREV,,,Search for previous match,
,,MENU:SELECT,,,Select item,
,,MENU:SUSPEND,obscure function,,,
,,MENU:TOP,,,Move to the first item,
,,MENU:UP,,,Move to the previous item,
,, ,,,,
,,Bookmark operation,,,Bookmark management,
,,Buffer operation,,,Buffer operations,
,,Buffer selection mode,,,Buffer and tab selection,
,,Dictionary look-up,,,Dictionary lookup,
,,File/Stream operation,,,File/Stream operations,
,,Hyperlink operation,,,Hyperlink operations,
,,Line-editing mode,,,input line editing,
,,Mark operation,,,Mark operations,
,,Page/Cursor motion,,,In-page navigation,
,,Pop up menu,,,Menu navigation,
,,Show keymap file,,,Current keymap file,
,,Tab operation,,,Tab operations,
,,User defined keymaps,,,User -defined key bindings,
,,,,,Selection of buffers and tabs,
,,,,,Navigate between buffers and tabs,
,,,,,Content operations,
,,,,,In-page navigation,
,,,,,Lynx-like key bindings,

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