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Re: FAQ.html and MANUAL.html, was Re: fwd: Re: Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

markus.hiereth@freenet.de wrote:
> I went through your mails date 7th, 8th and 14th of april.
> The attached csv-file contains a short and a long description for w3m
> functions and for headings in panels or in the howto.
> I do not know whether it makes sense to hava a short and a long
> description. When I began, I thought of using the short descriptions
> for comments in the source files and the long ones for the howto. I'
> not convinced about it because the short ones are less
> precise. Probably Tatsuya as maintainer is able to decide.
> Anyway; we should focus on getting concise and uniform descriptions
> for w3m functions.
> Best regards
> Markus


"DESCRIPT^I^ON" (twice).

> ,,from w3mfunc-desc,state function,short,long,
> ACCESSKEY,0,,implementation not clear,Pop up accesskey menu,,

This is fixed now, at least in Stretch.  It scans the page for tags
with accesskey="x" attributes and constructs a menu listing them.  The
hard part is finding a page that has any, but ironically enough:

> ADD_BOOKMARK,0,,,Add current page to bookmarks,Add current page to bookmarks,
> ALARM,0,,implementation not clear,Set alarm,,
> BACK,0,,,Close current buffer,Close current buffer and return to the one below in the stack,
> BEGIN,0,,,Go to the first line,Go to the first line,
> BOOKMARK,0,,,View bookmarks,View bookmarks,
> BOOKMARK-1,VIEW_BOOKMARK,,,View bookmarks,View bookmarks,
> CENTER_H,0,,,Center on cursor column,Center screen right and left of the cursor column,
> CENTER_V,0,,,Center on cursor line,Center screen above and below the cursor line,
> CHARSET,0,,,Use encoding,Change the character encoding for the current document,
> CLOSE_TAB,0,,,Close current tab,Close current tab,
> CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE,0,,implementation not clear,,,
> COMMAND,0,,,Invoke w3m function,Invoke w3m function,
> COOKIE,0,,,View cookie list,Show cookie jar,
> DEFAULT_CHARSET,0,,,Default encoding,Change the default character encoding,
> DEFINE_KEY,0,,,Set up a key binding,Define a binding between a key stroke combination and a command,
> DELETE_PREVBUF,0,,,Delete previous buffer,Delete previous buffer (mainly for local CGI),
> DICT_WORD,0,,not within debian (Your mail 8.4.2016),Execute dictionary command (see README.dict),,
> DICT_WORD_AT,0,,not within debian (Your mail 8.4.2016),Execute dictionary command for word at cursor,,

(2016-04-07, in fact.)

> DISPLAY_IMAGE,0,,,Redraw images,Redraw images,
> DOWN,0,,,Scroll the screen down one line,Scroll screen down one line,
> DOWNLOAD_LIST,0,,,Display downloads panel,Display downloads panel,
> EDIT,0,,,Edit local source,Edit local source,
> EDIT_SCREEN,0,,,Edit rendered copy of page,Edit rendered copy of page,
> END,0,,,Go to the last line,Go to the last line,
> ESCBMAP,0,,implementation not clear,,,
> ESCMAP,0,,implementation not clear,,,

Wait, where did these two come from?

> EXIT,0,,,Quit at once,Quit at once,
> EXIT-1,ABORT,,,Quit at once,Quit at once,

Oh, so ABORT is an alias for something subtly different from plain
EXIT?  Or is this just a way of adding aliases to the table?

> EXTERN,0,,,Display using an external browser,Display current document using an external browser. Prefixed with 2 ? 9 starts alternative configured browsers,
> EXTERN_LINK,0,,,Display target using an external browser,Display hyperlink target using an external browser. Prefixed with 2 ? 9 starts alternative configured browsers,

Is the "?" in these two a mangled dash or something?

> FRAME,0,,,Toggle rendering HTML frames,Toggle rendering HTML frames,
> GOTO,0,,,Open new URL,Open URL within a new buffer,
> GOTO_LINE,0,,,Go to the specified line,Go to the specified line,
> GOTO_LINK,0,,,Follow hyperlink,Follow current hyperlink within a new buffer,
> GOTO_RELATIVE,0,,,Go to relative URL,Open relative URL in a new buffer,
> HELP,0,,,Show help panel,Show help panel,
> HISTORY,0,,,Show browsing history,Show browsing history,
> INFO,0,,,About this document,Display information about current document,
> ISEARCH,0,,,Incremental search forward,Incremental search forward,
> ISEARCH_BACK,0,,,Incremental search backward,Incremental search backward,
> LEFT,0,,,Shift screen one column left,Shift screen one column left,
> LINE_BEGIN,0,,,Go to the beginning of the line,Go to the beginning of the line,
> LINE_END,0,,,Go to the end of the line,Go to the end of the line,
> LINE_INFO,0,,,Display position,Display current position in page,
> LINK_BEGIN,0,,,Move to the first hyperlink,Move to the first hyperlink,
> LINK_END,0,,,Move to the last hyperlink,Move to the last hyperlink,
> LINK_MENU,0,,,Pop up link element menu,Pop up link element menu,
> LINK_N,0,,,Go to the nth link,,
> LIST,0,,,Show URLs referenced,"Show all link elements, hyperlinks and images",

Why in quotes?

(For d-l-e house style I'd add a comma to lists like these.)

> LIST_MENU,0,,,Pop up hyperlink menu,Pop up link menu with the current hyperlink selected,identical to LIST_MENU but no alias

Huh?  LIST_MENU is almost identical to LIST_MENU?

> LOAD,0,,,Open local file,Open local file within another buffer,
> MARK,0,,,Toggle mark,Set/unset mark,
> MARK_MID,0,,,Turn Message-ID-like strings into hyperlinks,Turn Message-ID-like strings into hyperlinks,
> MARK_URL,0,,,Turn URL-like strings into hyperlinks,Turn URL-like strings into hyperlinks,
> MARK_WORD,0,,,Turn word into hyperlink,Turn current word into hyperlink,
> MENU,0,,,Pop up menu,Pop up menu,
> MENU_MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,,,
> MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,Mouse operation,,

These ought to do something if you decipher README.mouse and configure
things appropriately, but I've never tested it.

> MOUSE_TOGGLE,0,,,Toggle mouse support,Toggle mouse support,
> MOVE_DOWN,0,,,Cursor down,Move the cursor down (with a half-screen scroll at the screen edge),
> MOVE_DOWN1,0,,,Cursor down,Move the cursor down (with a one-line at the screen edge),
> MOVE_LEFT,0,,,Cursor left,Move cursor left (with half a screen shift at the edge of the screen),
> MOVE_LEFT1,0,,,Cursor left,Move cursor left (with one column shift at the edge of the screen),
> MOVE_LIST_MENU,0,,,Pop up link menu,Pop up link list menu and move cursor to selected link,identical to LIST_MENU but no alias
> MOVE_MOUSE,0,,not implemented?,,Move cursor to mouse position,

Apparently implemented as the default binding of mousebutton 1.

> MOVE_RIGHT,0,,,Cursor right,Move cursor right (with half a screen shift at the edge of the screen),
> MOVE_RIGHT1,0,,,Cursor right,Move cursor right (with one column shift at the edge of the screen),
> MOVE_UP,0,,,Cursor up,Move the cursor up (with a half-screen scroll at the screen edge),
> MOVE_UP1,0,,,Cursor up,Move the cursor up (with a one-line scroll at the screen edge),
> MSGS,0,,,Show errors,Display error messages,
> MULTIMAP,0,,helps w3m to crash :-),,,

Oh, the other segfault function.  Have we reported this one?

> NEW_TAB,0,,,Open new tab,Open current page as new tab,
> NEXT,0,,,Next buffer,Switch to the next buffer,
> NEXT_DOWN,0,,,Move downward to the next link,Move downward to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_HALF_PAGE,0,,,Down half a page,Scroll down half a page,
> NEXT_LEFT,0,,,Move left to the next link,Move left to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_LEFT_UP,0,,,Move left or upward to the next link,Move left or upward to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_LINK,0,,,Next hyperlink,Move to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_MARK,0,,,Go to the next mark,Go to the next mark,
> NEXT_PAGE,0,,,Scroll down one page,Scroll one page downwards,
> NEXT_RIGHT,0,,,Move right to the next link,Move right to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_RIGHT_DOWN,0,,,Move right or downward to the next link,Move right or downward to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_TAB,0,,,Next tab,Switch to the next tab,
> NEXT_UP,0,,,Move upward to the next link,Move upward to the next hyperlink,
> NEXT_VISITED,0,,,Next visited hyperlink,Move to the next visited hyperlink,
> NEXT_WORD,0,,,Next word,Move to the next word,
> NULL,0,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,
> NULL-1,NOTHING,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,
> NULL-2,@@@,,,Do nothing,Do nothing,

So many different kinds of nothing, and it doesn't even have aliases
for NOP, NOOP, NO_OP, and so on!

> OPTIONS,0,,,Show options panel,Display options setting panel,
> PCMAP,0,,completely obscure function,,,

Well, at least one unconnected piece of nineties software has a
commandline option "-pcmap: Use a private colormap"... is this for the
w3m-image processing?

> PEEK,0,,,Show current URL,Show current addresse,
> PEEK_IMG,0,,,Show image URL,Show image addresse,
> PEEK_LINK,0,,,Show hyperlink URL,Show target addresse,
> PIPE_BUF,0,,,Pipe current buffer through shell command,Pipe current buffer through a shell command and display output,
> PIPE_SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command and display the output,Execute shell command and display the output,
> PREV,0,,,Previous buffer,Switch to previous buffer,
> PREV_HALF_PAGE,0,,,Up half a page,Scroll up half a page,
> PREV_LINK,0,,,Previous hyperlink,Move to the previous hyperlink,
> PREV_MARK,0,,,Go to the previous mark,Go to the previous mark,
> PREV_PAGE,0,,,Show previous page,Scroll one page up,
> PREV_TAB,0,,,Previous tab,Switch to the previous tab,
> PREV_VISITED,0,,,Previous visited hyperlink,Move to the previous visited hyperlink,
> PREV_WORD,0,,,Previous word,Move to the previous word,
> QUIT,0,,,Quit when confirmed,Quit with confirmation request,
Oddly expressed.

> READ_SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
> REDO,0,,,Revoke undo,Cancel the last undo,
> REDRAW,0,,,Redraw screen,Draw screen anew,
> REG_MARK,0,,,Mark matches to pattern,Mark all occurrences of a pattern,
> REINIT,0,,,Reconfigure,Reload configuration file,
> RELOAD,0,,,Reload document,Load current document anew,
> RESHAPE ,0,,,Re-render buffer,,insufficient documentation

Well, there's an obscure reference here:

> RIGHT,0,,,Shift screen one column right,Shift screen one column right,
> SAVE,0,,,Save document source,Save document source,
> SAVE-1,DOWNLOAD,,,Save document source,Save document source,
> SAVE_IMAGE,0,,,Save image,Save inline image,
> SAVE_LINK,0,,,Save link target,Save the hyperlink target,
> SAVE_SCREEN,0,,,Save rendered document,Save rendered document,
> SAVE_SCREEN-1,PRINT,,,Save rendered document,Save rendered document,
> SEARCH,0,,,Search forward,Search forward,
> SEARCH-1,SEARCH_FORE,,,Search forward,Search forward,
> SEARCH-2,WHEREIS,,,Search forward,Search forward,
> SEARCH_BACK,0,,,Search backward,Search backward,
> SEARCH_NEXT,0,,,Next match,Continue search forward,
> SEARCH_PREV,0,,,Previous match,Continue search backward,
> SELECT,0,,,Show buffer panel,Display buffer-stack panel,
> SELECT_MENU,0,,,Pop up buffer menu,Pop up buffer-stack menu,
> SET_OPTION,0,,,Set option,Set option,
> SETENV,0,,,Set environment variable,Set environment variable,
> SGRMOUSE,0,,obscure function,SGR 1006 mouse operation,,

Apparently SGR is a mouse "protocol"; the web shows plenty of people
coding up support for it, but no documentation for what it *is*.

> SHELL,0,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
> SHELL-1,EXEC_SHELL,,,Execute shell command,Execute shell command and display output,
> SHIFT_LEFT,0,,,Shift screen left,Shift screen left,
> SHIFT_RIGHT,0,,,Shift screen right,Shift screen right,
> SOURCE,0,,,Display HTML source,Display HTML source,
> SOURCE-1,VIEW,,,Display HTML source,Display HTML source,
> STOP_IMAGE,0,,,Stop loading images,Stop loading and drawing of images,insuffiient documentation

I did some followup testing for this and found out absolutely nothing
that I remember.

> SUBMIT,0,,,Submit form,Submit form,
> SUSPEND ,0,,,Suspend,Suspend w3m to background,
> SUSPEND-1,INTERRUPT,,,Suspend,Suspend w3m to background,
> TAB_GOTO,0,,,Open URL in new tab,Open URL in a new tab,"Google hits content ""in a""  > ""on a""  > ""as a""  > ""within a"" tab"

How many of the "in a tab" results are things going on within some
preexisting tab?  "As a tab" would avoid that misinterpretation, but
"in a *new* tab" probably handles it equally well.

> TAB_GOTO_RELATIVE,0,,,Open relative adresse in new tab,Open relative addresse in a new tab,
> TAB_LEFT,0,,,Next tab left,Move left along the tab bar,
> TAB_LINK,0,,,Follow link in a new tab,Folloy current hyperlink in a new tab,

> TAB_MENU,0,,,Show tab menu,Pop up tab selection menu,
> TAB_MOUSE,0,,"does not work, implementation not clear",,Move to tab on mouse cursor (for mouse action),

Another README.mouse thing I've never tried.

> TAB_RIGHT,0,,,Next tab right,Move right along the tab bar,
> UNDO,0,,,,Cancel the last cursor movement,
> UP,0,,,,Scroll screen up one line,
> VERSION,0,,,Display version,Display version of w3m,
> VIEW_IMAGE,0,,,Send image to viewer,Display image in viewer,
> WRAP_TOGGLE,0,,,Toggle search wrap mode,Toggle wrapping mode in searches,
> ,,,,,,
> ,,BUF:DELETE,,Delete item,Delete selected item,"as ""item"" applies to buffer menu and tab menu"


> ,,BUF:GO,,Select item,Go to the selected item,
> ,,BUF:NEXT,,Next item,Move to the next item,
> ,,BUF:PREV,,Previous item,Move to the previous item,
> ,, ,,,,
> ,,LINEEDIT:ACCEPT,,Accept,Accept input line,
> ,,LINEEDIT:BACK,,Backward,Move cursor backward,
> ,,LINEEDIT:BOTTOM,,,Move to the end of the line,
> ,,LINEEDIT:BS,,,Delete previous character,
> ,,LINEEDIT:COMPLETE,,Complete filename,Try to complete filename,
> ,,LINEEDIT:DEL,,,Delete current character,
> ,,LINEEDIT:EDITOR,,,Edit with external editor,
> ,,LINEEDIT:FORWARD,,,Move cursor forward,
> ,,LINEEDIT:KILL_AFTER,,,Delete everything after cursor,
> ,,LINEEDIT:KILL_BEFORE,,,Delete everything before cursor,
> ,,LINEEDIT:NEXT,,,Fetch the next string from the history list,
> ,,LINEEDIT:PREV,,,Fetch the previous string from the history list,
> ,,LINEEDIT:TOP,,,Move to the begin of the line,
> ,, ,,,,
> ,,MENU:CANCEL,,Back,One selection step backward,
> ,,MENU:CLOSE,,Close,Close menu,
> ,,MENU:DOWN,,,Move to the next item,
> ,,MENU:LAST,,,Move to the final item,
> ,,MENU:LINE_DOWN,,,Scroll down one item,
> ,,MENU:LINE_UP,,,Scroll up one item,
> ,,MENU:NEXT,,,Go to the next page,
> ,,MENU:PREV,,,Go to the previous page,
> ,,MENU:SEARCH_BACK,,,Search backward,
> ,,MENU:SEARCH_FORE,,,Search forward,
> ,,MENU:SEARCH_NEXT,,,Search for next match,
> ,,MENU:SEARCH_PREV,,,Search for previous match,
> ,,MENU:SELECT,,,Select item,
> ,,MENU:SUSPEND,obscure function,,,

I haven't even tried to test this.

> ,,MENU:TOP,,,Move to the first item,
> ,,MENU:UP,,,Move to the previous item,
> ,, ,,,,
> ,,Bookmark operation,,,Bookmark management,
> ,,Buffer operation,,,Buffer operations,
> ,,Buffer selection mode,,,Buffer and tab selection,
> ,,Dictionary look-up,,,Dictionary lookup,
> ,,File/Stream operation,,,File/Stream operations,
> ,,Hyperlink operation,,,Hyperlink operations,
> ,,Line-editing mode,,,input line editing,

Should there be extra capitalisation here?

> ,,Mark operation,,,Mark operations,
> ,,Miscellany,,,Miscellaneous,
> ,,Page/Cursor motion,,,In-page navigation,
> ,,Pop up menu,,,Menu navigation,
> ,,Search,,,Searches,
> ,,Show keymap file,,,Current keymap file,
> ,,Tab operation,,,Tab operations,
> ,,User defined keymaps,,,User -defined key bindings,

Stray space (or surplus hyphen).

> ,,,,,Selection of buffers and tabs,
> ,,,,,Navigate between buffers and tabs,
> ,,,,,Content operations,
> ,,,,,In-page navigation,
> ,,,,,Lynx-like key bindings,

Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing)

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