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Re: [LCFC] templates://kinect-audio-setup/{templates}

On Mon, 13 Jan 2014 07:24:23 +0100
Christian PERRIER wrote:

> Description: Microsoft Kinect audio sensor setup helpers
>  When the Kinect is first plugged in it shows up as a generic USB device
>  with a bulk endpoint; after the appropriate firmware is installed, a
>  re-enumeration takes place and a USB Audio Class device becomes available.
>  .
>  Since the firmware is not redistributable, kinect-audio-setup provides
>  tools to download it from the Internet at installation time, and sets up
>  udev rules to call the firmware loader when the device is plugged in to
>  finally get the USB Audio Class device (UAC).

wonders why say (UAC) at the 2nd occurrence instead of the 1st

no need to CC me :-)
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