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Re: Bug#725851: [BTS#725851] templates://fpc/{fp-compiler.templates.in} : Final update for English review

Quoting David Prévot (taffit@debian.org):

> Choices: ${choices}
> Default: Select manually
> is wrong. Since the ${choices} are not in the template, they can’t be
> translated, especially the “Select manually” one that is suggested a bit
> further:
> […]
>  list or if you simply want to disable this feature, please select
>  "Select manually".
> If some choices are generated automatically (instead of being picked up
> from a static list depending on what is currently installed), something
> like:

Sure, bu that needs changes to maintainers scripts, which I tend to

An alternative would be a comment telling translators to not translate
"Select manually" in the logn description.

However, your proposal is interesting, with an amendment I would propose:

Onstead of:

> # Translators: please leave ${otherchoices} untranslated
> __Choices: ${otherchoices}, Select manually
> Default: Select manually

I'd rather go for:

__Choices: ${otherchoices}, Select manually
Default: Select manually

With this, ${otherchoices} will not be included in the translatable material.

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