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Debconf template review for nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-96xx (96.43.23-90)


for jessie we will finally have to phase out the 96xx nvidia legacy
driver which is no longer supported by NVIDIA and no longer compatible
with the current Xserver 1.14

We had planned to do this for wheezy already, but there was a final
upstream release that restored compatibility and we got the driver back
into wheezy. I recovered most of the templates, but not all of the
information was till relevant, so I made some changes and ask for
another review before I send out a call for translations. The package is
already sitting in experimental.

I hope I prepared everything general enough to be easily reusable once
the 173xx series reaches End-of-Life status (which may happen for
jessie, too).

===== 8< =====
Template: nvidia/unsupported-legacy-96xx
Type: error
_Description: NVIDIA legacy 96xx driver is no longer supported.
 NVIDIA Corporation has not updated the legacy 96xx driver to support
 current X servers, so this driver is no longer usable. For graphics
 adapters that are not supported by a newer NVIDIA driver generation,
 the best option is to use the free Nouveau driver.
 To switch to the Nouveau driver, uninstall all NVIDIA driver
 packages and remove all NVIDIA-specific configuration from
 /etc/X11/xorg.conf (and xorg.conf.d/).
 The Nouveau driver (xserver-xorg-video-nouveau) should work without
 needing any specific xorg.conf settings.
===== >8 =====

This is just a big red error message upon installation (upgrading to) of
the obsolete package. Currently I don't plan to do hardware checks to
suggest "better" alternatives.



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