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Re: [BTS#725851] templates://fpc/{fp-compiler.templates.in} : Final update for English review


Le 08/11/2013 02:01, Christian PERRIER a écrit :

> The second phase of this process will begin on Monday, November 11, 2013, when I will
> coordinate updates to translations of debconf templates.

Sorry for arriving so late in the process, but I only notice this flaw
when updating the translation:


Choices: ${choices}
Default: Select manually

is wrong. Since the ${choices} are not in the template, they can’t be
translated, especially the “Select manually” one that is suggested a bit

 list or if you simply want to disable this feature, please select
 "Select manually".

If some choices are generated automatically (instead of being picked up
from a static list depending on what is currently installed), something

# Translators: please leave ${otherchoices} untranslated
__Choices: ${otherchoices}, Select manually
Default: Select manually

should do the trick. If all choices are expected to be displayed
whatever their status, please, simply put them in Choices: depending of
the language, some may actually worth being translated, you never know…

If the ${choices} are generated automatically depending on the currently
installed packages, you may also wish to suggest running
“dpkg-reconfigure fp-compiler” after installing mingw32-binutils…



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