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Re: [Debconf13-localteam] [Debconf-team] DC13 sponsoring brochure, please review sections Debian and DebConf

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
>>> Please review my changes both with regard to content as for english
>>> language improvements.
> This was probably a bit misfurmulated. What I meant is review the
> content and if you can improve the language by the way don't hesitate to
> do so.
> I welcome everyone from debian-l10n-english and debian-publicity to
> improve the current text. I also welcome any content improvements. This
> is a collaborative effort and I don't want to do this alone. So please
> feel free to just commit your improvements to the Subversion repository
> [1].

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I'll attach the version I couldn't commit.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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\subsection{Free Operating System}

Debian is a free and open operating system, consisting entirely
of Free and Open Source Software. Its strict guidelines serve as an
example for many other projects. The Debian project is dedicated to 
remaining 100\% free and to being a responsible ``citizen'' of the Free 
and Open Source Software ecosystem. Its key priorities are Free Software 
and its users.

\subsection{Debian is Choice}
Debian is known for its adherence to the Unix and Free Software
philosophies, and for its coverage -- the current release includes
over 20,000 software packages for more than ten computer architectures,
ranging from the more common Intel 32-bit and 64-bit architectures to
ARM (cellphones and tablets) and the IBM s390 (mainframes). Besides
the well-known Linux kernel it also supports the FreeBSD kernel.
Debian is the basis for several other distributions, including Knoppix
and Ubuntu.

\subsection{A Large Scale, Non-profit, Distributed Project}
The Debian Project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its
dedication to the Debian Social Contract, and its commitment to
providing the best operating system possible. Debian is produced by over
a thousand active developers spread around the world, many of whom
volunteer in their spare time. Apart from DebConf most communication
takes place on the Internet in mailing-lists and IRC chat-rooms.
Unlike all other Linux distributions of similar size Debian is an
independent non-profit organization not backed by a commercial

% from <http://www.debian.org/devel/developers.loc>

Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature, and its
open development model make it unique among Free Software


\subsection{Debian Annual Conference}

DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributors and
interested users. Previous Debian Conferences have featured speakers
and attendees from around the world (DebConf11 had about 300 attendees
from more than 50 different countries). Thanks to our sponsors,
\textbf{participation, accommodation, and meals are free of charge} to
Debian developers and contributors.

DebConf 13 will take place in August 2013 on the shore of Lake
Neuchâtel in Vaumarcus, Switzerland. The conference venue, ``Le Camp'',
offers an idyllic, yet affordable environment for informal workgroup
meetings as well as more formal discussion sessions and technical 
presentations. Almost all participants will be hosted on-site. % better english needed

\textbf{Sponsoring the Debian
  Conference} will help cover the costs of the Conference, as well as
enable three distinct sub-events:\\

\begin{tabular}{p{0.3\textwidth} p{0.3\textwidth} p{0.3\textwidth}}

\large{\textbf{DebConf}} & \large{\textbf{DebCamp}} & \large{\textbf{Debian Day}} \\

\vspace{0.5ex} Hands-on coding, workshops, and talks -- all highly technical in nature.
\vspace{0.5ex} Pre-meeting for development teams focusing on undisturbed
collaborative work.
\vspace{0.5ex} An open day for users and decision makers to discover the benefits of
Free Software. \\



We have a dedicated team of volunteers recording all talks at DebConf.
The sessions are streamed live via the Internet for remote
participants. All videos are also archived for further benefit of the
community. \textbf{We thank our Platinum and Gold sponsors by
  inserting their logos in all video transmissions}.

\section{DebConf and Debian}

\subsection{The Bigger Picture}

The benefits that DebConf brings to the Debian Project as a whole, and
the larger Free Software community, are best summarized by the
following comment by Newsforge's Robin 'Roblimo' Miller:

``This is the kind of peer-to-peer networking that makes open
  source conferences like DebConf6 worthwhile. It wasn't a teacher /
  student relationship. It was two hackers sharing knowledge with each
  other. (...) \textbf{The knowledge they shared will, no doubt,
    improve Debian --- and by extension will help improve GNU/Linux
    for everyone}, whether they use Debian (or a Debian derivative),
  SuSE, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, or any other distribution.''

\subsection{Knowledge Sharing}

DebConf helps share the knowledge and experience of individual
developers with the entire community. It also helps promote enthusiasm
for specialized areas of development, and encourages
\textbf{discussions about Debian's future}.

\subsection{Work Groups}

\textbf{DebConf enables some of the most productive sessions that
  Debian has experienced}. To have everyone in one place, at the same
time, working on the same system allows people to bounce ideas off
each other instantly.

\subsection{Project Synergy}

DebConf gives contributors a chance to meet face to face, socialize,
and brainstorm new ideas. As a result people leave DebConf with a
renewed sense of enthusiasm for Debian and its goals. \textbf{The
  latest ideas and systems that Debian implements often start as an
  informal session at DebConf}.


\subsection{We Appreciate Your Sponsorship}

The Debian Project does not engage in commercial activities and
depends solely on donations from users and well-wishers. A modest
amount of sponsorship would not only help Debian, but would reap a
huge dividend of goodwill in the Free Software community at large.

Within the Debian community there is a strong sense of loyalty and
brand awareness. Sponsoring a large conference is a good method of
gaining favor for your brand with the attendees.
Past DebConfs have also offered great opportunities for contact 
building and recruitment.

\subsection{Sponsorship Levels}
DebConf sponsors are classified according to the amount of money put
into the organizing of the conference. Each sponsorship level is
defined by donation levels and by benefits of sponsorship (in-kind
donations are also taken into account to determine benefit levels):

[ include table from dc11 brochure here, the table below is from dc12 ]

  Description & Bronze & Silver & Gold & Platinum\\
  Logo on web pages and in full-page thank you ad in Linux Magazine worldwide
  & $\surd$ & $\surd$ & $\surd$ & $\surd$\\
  Logo printed on t-shirts and on the conference bags & & $\surd$ & $\surd$ & $\surd$ \\
  Opportunity to provide corporate materials to be distributed to attendees
  in their conference bags & & $\surd$ & $\surd$ & $\surd$ \\
  Logo printed larger and in superior position & & & $\surd$ & $\surd$ \\
  Logo on all video transmissions and on banner in conference lobby & & &
  $\surd$ & $\surd$ \\
  Logo on banner behind talk podiums & & & & $\surd$ \\
  Name and description of sponsor in all press releases relating to the conference
  & & & & $\surd$ \\
  Contribution & \$2,000 & \$5,000 & \$12,500 & \$25,000


\subsection{In the Words of Our Past Sponsors}

There are as many reasons to sponsor DebConf as there are reasons Debian
developers spend their time to fix bugs, improve the overall system,
and help its installed base. In the words of our past sponsors:

  ``Sponsoring Debconf has benefited Bytemark in two ways: 1) it puts
  our brand in front of exactly the right crowd and 2) it allows
  Steve, the Debian developer on our staff, to keep in touch with the
  project that we rely on so heavily. We support Debconf because it
  supports us.''
    Matthew Bloch, Bytemark Hosting

  ``Sponsoring DebConf helps us to get the recognition we need from
  inside the Debian Project. It is astonishing how many potential
  employees, partners and even customers are aware of our sponsorship
  activities at DebConf. We even got a couple of exciting job
  applications only through DebConf.'' 
    Peter Ganten, Univention GmbH

\subsection{The Value of Sponsorship}

Many of DebConf's high profile attendees are well known around the
world and their opinions and views are followed by many individuals
and businesses. Debian is a democracy of its developers where smaller
voices can be easily heard. Participating through sponsorship is one
of the many ways to help the project achieve its full potential. The
knowledge that Debian, its community and what it represents, is of a
certain value to companies and individuals is the best show of
appreciation to the volunteer efforts of many Debian members.


\subsection{The Need for Sponsorship}

% <http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/Switzerland/Bid#Rough_budget_calculations>
DebConf has evolved from humble beginnings in Bordeaux, France (2000)
with 30 attendees and virtually no budget, to recent years where we
accommodate an average of 250 attendees and a budget in the vicinity
of 215,000.00 CHF. DebConf13 is a new challenge, as Switzerland is a
demanding destination. \textbf{We have secured lodging for 22.00 CHF a
  night} and we are working on arranging catering at 14.00 CHF a meal.

Our all volunteer organizational team helps us keep our costs to a
minimum. However, as we expect a turnout of 300 attendees, we will need 
a number of sponsors. \textbf{No sponsorship amount is too small and we 
  also accept any kind of sponsorship} (contact us for details).

\textbf{Sponsorship will be paid to OUR-ASSOCIATION-HERE, a non-profit
  association} under Swiss law. Donations in excess of value received
may be tax-deductible depending on your own situation; check with our
tax advisor for details.

\subsection{More About Debconf}

For more information about DebConf, the final reports from our past
conferences illustrate the broad spectrum, quality, and enthusiasm of
the community at work: \textbf{http://media.debconf.org/reports/}.

For further details, feel free to contact us through
\textbf{sponsors@debconf.org} Or visit our website at

Thank you for reading this proposal. We hope to hear from you soon!

  \Huge{\textbf{See You in Vaumarcus!}}


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