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Re: Bug#679869: [RFR] templates://fs2ram/{templates}

Thanks for the reviewing. Please note that due to changes in sysvinit, I
can't use the following templates as I expected:

    (See #679715, the variables RAMTMP and RAMLOCK can't be modified
    automatically by fs2ram).

So these two templates will be removed in the next version. No need to
spend time on it.

Justin B Rye a écrit:
> Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > I also wonder whether there should be more explanations about the
> > benefit one can get from such switch.
> I also wonder whether the defaults might flip-flop; maybe it would be
> safer to point at something like http://wiki.debian.org/RAMTMP... if
> any such page existed.

The default value of RAMTMP is probably not the one expected by an user
of fs2ram (in most use cases, /tmp need to be mounted in ram). Since the
modification of RAMTMP can't be done automatically, does this justify to
add a 'note' template in fs2ram ?

Philippe Le Brouster

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