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Re: please review initial PO templates for cupt 2.5

Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
>>> #: console/cupt.cpp:114
>>> msgid "finds a dependency path between system/package(s) and a package"
>>> msgstr ""
>> What does that mean?  What, in this context, is a "system"?
> In this context "system" == "set of installed packages". Perhaps
> "finds a dependency path between a package set and a package" would be
> better?

Yes, that works.

>>> msgid "unable to unload the dl handle '%p': %s"
>>> msgstr ""
>> What's a "dl handle"?  Should it be s/dl/download/?
> It comes from a dynamic library loader, "libdl". Perhaps it would better
> be "the dynamic library handle"?

Oh, as in "DLL".  Well, I'd never heard of a dynamic library handle,
but it's clear enough once you spell it out!
>>> "throwing away the duplicate version with different hash sums: package name: "
>>> "'%s', version: '%s', thrown origin: '%s', origins left: '%s'"
>>> msgstr ""
>> I'm not sure what this is saying.  Why the definite article in "the
>> duplicate version"?  Should "thrown origin" be "origin of discarded
>> version"?
> The background: the pair (package,version) is globally unique, each pair
> may be provided by one or more origins. Hash sums must be the same
> across the all origins, so when an origin provides the already known
> pair (package,version) but declares different (from already known) hash
> sums for it, the pair from this origin is discarded.
> How would you say that? Based on your preliminary comments, perhaps,
> "discarding a duplicate version with different hash sums: package: '%s',"
> "version: '%s', origin of discarded version: '%s', origins left: '%s'"

Yes, that all seems to work.  You could get away with dropping the "a"
("discarding duplicate version") if you want to shorten it slightly,
but either way is okay.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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