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Re: Bug#645850: lxc package debconf templates

On 11/14/2011 11:56 AM, Justin B Rye wrote:
i used '_Description: Linux Containers: LXC setup' which is in sync
with what linux-container uses (Linux Containers: Container setup).

In that case linux-container probably needs some fixes to bring it in
line with DevRef

i'm afraid i don't understand: speaks about "Boolean templates", not about titles.

(Just for a start, why is that package called "linux-container"
rather than "linux-containers"?  Is it perhaps an unwise
abbreviation of "Linux Container tools"?)

package names are not and should not use plurals if they are generic.

  If unsure, choose yes (default).

See DevRef; some interfaces don't offer a "yes", just a
checkbox (and defaults can be changed by preseeding).

sure, however, suggesting removal instead of rewording is not an option.

The problem with a phrasing that uses passives throughout is that it
isn't immediately obvious that it's offering to have them "started
and shut down" *automatically* but expecting the files to be "copied
or symlinked" *manually*.

again, please suggest a proper rewording. writing something language-wise correct but factually wrong is obviously not an option either.

I would suggest splitting up the template into something like:

   _Description: Automatically start Linux Containers on boot?
    Please choose whether appropriately configured Linux Containers should
    be automatically started during system boot, and shut down on reboot or
    To take advantage of this, copy or symlink their configuration files
    into the /etc/lxc/auto directory.

s/appropriately configured //

otherwise sounds good, thanks.

I'm still not sure I understand this, though.  If it only affects
containers that have been manually "opted in", why is it necessary to
ask this question?  Why not just put it in the README that containers
with config files in /etc/lxc/auto will automatically be started on

a LXC_AUTO=true|false in /etc/default/lxc is important to have for sysadmins (aka the users of this package), and having a debconf interface for it is nice for those of us that admin more than one box.

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