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Re: Help for patent liability definition

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

> It's "legal responsibility as regards patents" (the noun
> interpretation).  When I look for a definition online the best one I
> can find is... the one in http://www.debian.org/reports/patent-faq!
> # Liability is a legal responsibility that is enforceable by a court. In
> # this document we use term "patent liability" to encompass orders that
> # a court can give if a party is found to infringe a patent. [...]
> I suspect the equivalent in French law is something like
> "responsibilité de brevets", though Google doesn't show me any very
> convincing hits for that.

From Justin explanations, I see this as "la personne juridiquement
responsable à propos d'un brevet".

If the patent is own by a given company, then patent liability
concerns that company. If the patent is owned by an individual, then
patent liability belongs to this individual.

I understand this as "who can enforce the patent in a court".

Depending on the context, that can also be "who can be sued for a
patent infrigment".

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