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Re: [RFR] templates://texlive-base/{templates}

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

>     This system's TeX binaries currently use different default paper
>     sizes. Please choose which of them should get the system paper size
>     (${libpaperPaper}) as their default.

Adopted, of course..:-)

> > PS: I did not review the packages descriptions. They are "just" a
> > collection of CTAN packages. Just one remark: I don't understand why
> > the first apragraph of some of them is hard-formatted (starting with
> > two spaces).
> Well, here's a review of the descriptions, but I won't mind if
> it's ignored.

Oh, thanks for being less lazy than me. Indeed, your improvements for
parts that aren't lists, particularly synopsis, are great.

> > Package: texlive-base
> [...]
> > Description: TeX Live: Essential programs and files
> Why the caps after the colon?  I've downcased them (passim).

Why? Well, I suspect some Germglish, here..:-). But I won't blam Frank
Küster who's doing a fantastic work on packaging TeXLive for so long
time that I can't even remember. Good opportunity to thank him for
this, indeed.

> What I'd *like* to do is perform a global s/--/-/, eliminate the
> capitalisation of the first letter (and redundant articles) in the
> descriptions, improve their structural parallelism (standardising
> either towards noun phrases or verb phrases throughout) and make
> them all end in a semicolon, but to reduce the intrusiveness of the
> patch I'll leave all that for another time.

My guess is that these descriptions are taken verbatim from CTAN, so
the right change would be introducing consistency in CTAN packages
descriptions... quite a big deal...:)

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