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Re: Bug#555967: [patch] describe gb, dw commands in wanna-build-states.wml

* Kurt Roeckx (kurt@roeckx.be) [110425 01:11]:
> - There are more states than the document mentions now like
>   BD-Uninstallable, Built, Built-Attempted, Auto-Not-For-Us

A documentation of all states should appear on
http://git.debian.org/?p=mirror/wanna-build.git;a=tree soon.

> - after the building is done it's now always moved
>   directly to an other state: built, build-attempted,
>   bd-uninstallabe, needs-build

it usually is - this code part doesn't retry, so in case there is an
error, the package stays within building for some more time. Also, on
most debian.org-machines, auto-signing is now in place, i.e. the
package is uploaded quite soon after building completed.

> - I think the buildd software still supports getting more
>   than 1 package from wanna-build, but as far as I know
>   they're all configured to only take one.  (Or we removed
>   support for taking multiple)

I think we dropped that from the buildd side (because it makes life
easier there)

> - Every DD has access to the wanna-build database.
>   I don't know if it was ever on ftp-master, but
>   it hasn't been for a very long time.

It was, while ftp-master was IIRC raff. That was changed when
ftp-master moved to spohr, and wanna-build stayed on raff. (I might
mix up the hostnames - if someone points me to an ordered list where
ftp-master was, I can probably say when the split happened.)


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