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Re: Bug#555967: [patch] describe gb, dw commands in wanna-build-states.wml

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 06:09:59PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Thanks for your patch and sorry for the late answer,
> Le 12/11/2009 18:39, Simon McVittie a écrit :
> > It seems reasonable to expect that wanna-build-states.wml should mention the
> > manual state transitions available by mailing the debian-wb-team (give-back
> > and dep-wait). A proposed patch follows (please check its accuracy with the
> > wb-team, cc'd).
> Kept, and added dle for approval of proper English which I can't judge.
> Just to be sure, (since more than a year passed), is the patch still up
> to date? Does it need some rewording?

I think the whole document might be outdated.

Andreas started working on something a few weeks ago, that should
beter document the current states that all exists and how things
move from one state to the other.

Looking at the whole file very quickly, I see atleast the
- There are more states than the document mentions now like
  BD-Uninstallable, Built, Built-Attempted, Auto-Not-For-Us
- It's really only 1 database now, but that's an implementation
  detail that probably shouldn't be mentioned.
- It says: "as such, it needs a rebuild", which is confusing,
  since that version (or the whole package) could never have
  been built for that architecture in the first place.
- needs-build can also mean that it was already tried before,
  there just wasn't a succesful build and upload.
- section base probably doesn't exist anymore for the past
  2 releases.
- The ordering now also depends on things like the age, and
  a priority set either temporary or permanent by one of
  the admins.  There have been various changes on how the
  ordering is calculated.
- Given a package back will always put it in the same place
  in the queue anymore because of the age
- I don't know of any code that allows different section
- The buildd can exclude packages (because they're slow,
  or require more ram or disk space, require a 64 bit cpu,
  fail for whatever reason on one of the buidds) and so
  they get skipped from the queue
- As far as I know reasons for skipping entries from
  the queue are excluded on that buildd, exluded on that
  buildd if there is other work, non-free isn't enabled
  for that buildd, and it was tried before in the past
  8 hours.  It could be that someone manaully builds
  a package from the list.
- after the building is done it's now always moved
  directly to an other state: built, build-attempted,
  bd-uninstallabe, needs-build
- I think the buildd software still supports getting more
  than 1 package from wanna-build, but as far as I know
  they're all configured to only take one.  (Or we removed
  support for taking multiple)
- missing build-depends, or failure to install build-depends
  will automaticly result in the packages being retried
- we have an auto-depwait thing called BD-uninstallable,
  there ussually is no need to manually set dep-waits anymore.
  It's now mostly only useful to wait until a fixed version
  of one of it's build dependencies is available.
- BD-uninstallable always had the info saying why
  it's not installable.
- If a package was set to failed state, it depends on
  the buildd's config if it asks the admins if it
  should build or not.  For most buildds this is
  now set so it automaticly builds it.
- Every DD has access to the wanna-build database.
  I don't know if it was ever on ftp-master, but
  it hasn't been for a very long time.
- Reading the database should now always work.
- /status/ is probably a beter place to point people to.

Things people might request is a:
- "dep-wait", "dw": wait until a fixed version of something else
  is available
- "give-back", "gb": try again
- "binnmu", "nmu": rebuild (against a new/other version of one of
  it's build-depedencies)

(This ended up being alot longer than I epxected, and you probably
want more details anyway.)


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