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Re: xsp templates

Quoting answer from Martin in debian-l10n-english where Jo wasn't
CC'ed...CC'ing Martin but I think you're subscribed to dle, just
trying to be sure..:-)

> >1) How should I rewrite the language of the templates to suck less? The
> >only "new" templates are the xsp1_warning ones, the rest are pretty old
> >& have been that way for a while

Jo: sure, that's indeed not surprising. During the last years, we
(i18n crowd) developed more sensitivity to original texts, trying to
bring overall consistency, common writing style, etc. That explains
why you get these comments when sending a call for translations, eve,n
for "old" texts.

So, how to deal with this for xsp?

> I am the/(an)other native german with difficulties in comprehension -
> currently contributing to debian by doing translations, not being a
> DD. Perhaps this copy from a private mail is helpful:
> However, experience shows that a review mixed with a running call
> for translations often gives confusion as a result.
> So I suggest to provide reviewed templates when this translation
> update round has finished.

Yes, that's my own opinion. Given that a call for translations was
sent, I think it's better to leave it running, gather the incoming
updates, assemble them in your package.....and then ask for a review,
here in debian-l10n-english.

> I remember reviews on debian-l10-english less formal than described in
> http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/SmithReviewProject. The requests for reviews
> sometimes came from people prior to packaging software.

Yes. And in such case, there is no need the the high level for
formality described in the wiki page. This "bureaucracy" is mostly
aimed when reviews are initiated by someone else than the
maintainer. In such case, we need to double check that the maintainer
is OK with the review process, keep him|her in the loop, help him|her
to deal with translations....etc, etc.

Here, I think that once the translation update is over (or even
before....), you (Jo) can just send the debian/*templates and
debian/control file, here in dle (preferrably with an "[RFR]" marker
but that's not mandatory).

Once the review is over (leave a few days for all contributors to
react, etc.), send a summary with the proposed "final" texts....wait
again for comments. Then apply this to your development tree, run
debconf-updatepo, verify that translations you got are all applied,
run "debconf-updatepo"...and launch another translation update round.

This is a little bit longer, but we have time until we release wheezy

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