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Re: xsp templates

Jo Shields wrote:
> According to the bug reports in my inbox[1], I got my XSP templates[2]
> all wrong. I may as well get things less wrong before uploading. Which
> means more translator work. Yay for me.
> So, two things, I guess:
> 1) How should I rewrite the language of the templates to suck less? The
> only "new" templates are the xsp1_warning ones, the rest are pretty old
> & have been that way for a while

Well, first I'll need to work out what text you're talking about, a
task complicated by my complete ignorance of git... is this it?


 Template: monoserver2/monoserver2_restartapache
 Type: boolean
 Default: true
 _Description: Let mono-apache-server2 restart Apache?
  The Debian version of mono-apache-server2 includes a
  mono-server2-update script that creates a configuration file for
  apache to start the ASP.NET applications, and mono-server2-update can
  restart apache if there's a new configuration file
  (/etc/mono-server2/mono-server2-hosts.conf). If this is true, then
  apache will be restarted when there is a new mono-server2-hosts.conf
 Template: monoserver2/monoserver1_upgrade_warning
 Type: note
 _Description: ASP.NET 1.0 support removed
  You appear to have some ASP.NET 1.0 sites configured in /etc/mono-server1.
  Support for the 1.0 profile has been removed from Mono 2.8 and above, and
  you are no longer able to serve ASP.NET 1.0 sites. You must reconfigure
  XSP to serve these sites using either 2.0 or 4.0 profiles, assuming your
  application is compatible. Please see mono-server2-admin(8) or 
  mono-server4-admin(8) to see how to regenerate a configuration for use
  with 2.0 or 4.0 profiles.

The upgrade_warning one makes sense (I could faff about getting it to
match the d-l-e house style, but never mind that); the restartapache
one I find largely opaque.  If I answer yes, then my web server will
be automatically restarted when... something or other.  Whenever
there's a new config file, perhaps?  But is mono-server2-update a
script that can be run from the web user interface, or is it called
from a Debian package's postinst, or what?

Ah, found it.  There's a comment at the top of the script:
# With this script the user can update the host files 
# that are installed in /etc/mono-server2/conf.d/package and create a 
# 'big' host file (/etc/mono-server2/mono-server2*-hosts.conf) that will be used
# by mono-server2 to setup the virtual hosts needed by 
# the user.
So it's something I'd be calling on the commandline?  And then... then
I lose track.  Sorry, I'm going to need some help here.

> 2) Any hints on using a variable, as suggested, to provide program names
> (rather than copy-pasting templates)?

It has got something to do with the debconf db_subst function defined
in /usr/share/debconf/confmodule; there's a debconf-devel(7) in
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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