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Re: [LCFC] wml://CD/verify.html

-=| David Prévot, Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 03:53:31PM -0400 |=-
> Thanks a lot Justin. No one else had something to add so far, so I
> reattach the file you just sent, in order to gather last remarks before
> committing it (well, it will be on CVS, so we can always change or add
> stuff afterwards).
> …

> #use wml::debian::cdimage title="Verifying authenticity of Debian CDs" BARETITLE=true
> <p>Official releases of Debian CDs come with signed checksum
> …

Excellent text! (a remark from non-native speaker :)

Perhaps after adding it to the website, you should also replace the 
explaination in CD/faq with a link to the new page?

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