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Re: [Pkg-xen-devel] Release notes addition for Xen support in Debian

[ Dropping debian-release@ as that does not need to be discussed there,
adding debian-doc, they edit the release notes ]


Thomas, if you don't mind, i still would like to tweak the text a bit.

> > [...many English corrections...]

> 4.7.4. Xen upgrades
> In Lenny, if you installed Xen, the kernel that grub-legacy would boot by
> default was the one providing a Xen hypervisor and dom0 support. 

If you installed Xen on Lenny, the kernel booted by grub-legacy per
default was the one providing a Xen hypervisor and dom0 support.

> This does not happen under GRUB 2 in Squeeze.  Instead, the non-Xen
> kernel will boot by default. 

This behavior changed with GRUB 2 in Squeeze and the non-Xen kernel will
boot per default.

> If you need Xen and expect to boot with it by default, you have to
> tweak the GRUB 2 configuration as explained at:
> http://wiki.debian.org/Xen#Installationandconfiguration

... default, find further configuration hints at [link]. 

> Also, upgrading from the Lenny version of Xen does not automatically install
> the current 4.0 version. 

When upgrading from Lenny version 4.0 of the Xen package will not
install automatically. 

> So, after you finish the dist-upgrade, you should
> use an explicit "aptitude install" for Xen 4.0 and a corresponding dom0
> kernel. 

Instead you need to install Xen 4.0 and a corresponding dom0 kernel

> See the wiki page for instructions on how to set up the Xen
> hypervisor and dom0 kernel under Squeeze.
> Be aware that, if you run a pvops kernel for your domU, like the Xen kernel
> 2.6.32 of Squeeze, your domU won't be able to use (for example) sda1 as a
> device name for its hard drive. 


> This naming scheme has been removed from Xen because of a request from
> the mainline kernel maintainers. 

This naming scheme has been removed from Xen upon request of the
mainline kernel maintainers.

> Instead you should use (as a corresponding example) xvda1, which

... will ...

> always work, including when running Lenny 2.6.26 forward ported Xen
> patch.


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