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Re: Linguistic work on rgbPaint.

Mats Erik Andersson <mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> writes:

> Therefore I have undertaken the work to produce a Docbook source to
> produce manual pages. […] The hurdle, sad to say, is that a single
> language uses some 550 lines of XML-code to produce the manual page.

It sounds like you have already committed to Docbook, and that's a fine

If the size of the source document is a concern for you, though, you may
be pleased that Docutils has ‘rst2man’ (from the ‘python-docutils’
package in Debian Squeeze) which renders reStructuredText source
documents to man pages. reStructuredText is much closer to plain text,
and will be significantly lighter than a Docbook XML document.

> Would it be possible to find an accomplice for this amount of peer
> reviewing?

Is the document tracked in a distributed VCS? Where is the repository

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