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Linguistic work on rgbPaint.


I am preparing the initial packaging of rgbPaint, a software for which
I recently got help to rework the package description.

However, the included manual page is truly inferior, being older than
the program itself, and producing even less information and not producing
even a screen full of text. Therefore I have undertaken the work to
produce a Docbook source to produce manual pages. Presently I have
compiled text for British English (the original uses "colour") and
for Swedish. Of natural reasons, also beyond the need to establish
the right nomenclature, I would need to find help in scrutinising
the English text. The hurdle, sad to say, is that a single language
uses some 550 lines of XML-code to produce the manual page. Would it
be possible to find an accomplice for this amount of peer reviewing?

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, DM

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