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Re: [foomatic-filters] Changing the debconf template

When I merged the foomatic-filters diff back from Ubuntu, I also merged (after long thinking and small testing) one of the debconf-configured defaults. Namely: ps_accounting.

The actual template text is:

Template: foomatic-filters/ps_accounting
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Enable PostScript accounting for CUPS?
 You should choose this option if you want to insert PostScript code
 for accounting into each print job. This is currently only useful
 with CUPS.
 When used with generic PostScript printers (and under certain
 conditions with other printers) this causes an extra page to be
 printed after each job.
i am not familiar with foomatic-filters. To me the explanation in brackets
is vague. What are these certain conditions? Do i have to be worried? No
* What text ? How would this sound (for the second paragraph): "In earlier versions of foomatic-filters, this option could cause extra pages to be printed after each job.".
You should either mention, which version changed behavior - or skip the
paragraph. Users of old software are informed that something changed and
therefore they should change their habits. For new users the former behavior
of the software is irrelevant for using it.

Kind regards

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