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[bugzilla3] Help needed for Debconf translation


would need help for English translation of the bugzilla3.templates.
These ones are new:

Template: bugzilla3/shutdownhtml
Type: string
Default: <h1>Bugzilla is down for maintenance purposes. Please try
again later.</h1>
_Description: Show this HTML message if setup of Bugzilla is ongoing
or not finished:

Template: bugzilla3/manual_configuration
Type: note
_Description: Manual Bugzilla configuration
 To setup Bugzilla please run /usr/share/bugzilla3/lib/checksetup.pl
as root user
 or start 'dpkg-reconfigure -p low bugzilla3' and choose 'dbconfig-config' to
 assist you.
 As long as the setup is not finished login is disabled and 'shutdownhtml'
 configuration parameter is set. In this case Bugzilla is offline.


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