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Re: [LCFC] templates://phpbb3/{templates}

Quoting David Prévot (davidp@altern.org):

> >>>> Choices: apache2
> >>>
> >>> Make that "__Choices:"
> I kept "Choices:" so translators might translate the choices if they
> care as Christian pointed it. If we add only a new web server in the
> future, I guess it will be fair not to bother translators for so few (or
> ping only the translators who care, maybe only the French ones ;).

If you keep "Choices:", translators won't be able to translate the
choices as it means they're non translatable..:-)

I do'nt think that translators will be annoyed if you turn Choices to
be translatable and thus call for updates.

> P.-S.: Is there anything else I should do in this list for this package
> (I mean: should I send a [DONE] in a few days if there are no now
> comment, in order to mention I'll start the translation process) ?


That will update the robot that tracks things. I have to admit that I
actually fails to maintain it properly as there are many DONE messages
that should be sent (mostly when maintainers requested reviews on
their own). I'll probably do that....someday..:-)

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