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Re: [RFR2] Smuxi po templates

Mirco Bauer wrote:
>>> #: ../src/Frontend/SshTunnelManager.cs:366
>>> #, csharp-format
>>> msgid ""
>>> "Couldn't get OpenSSH version (exit code: {0})\n"
>>> "\n"
>>> "SSH program: {1}\n"
>>> "\n"
>>> "Program Error:\n"
>>> "{2}\n"
>>> "Program Output:\n"
>>> "{3}\n"
>>> msgstr ""
>> What "get" means in this? Use? Find? Really download?
> It starts the ssh application and tried to read the version number from it.
> If that fails for some reason the above error messages will be shown.
> retrieve? parse? I don't know better terms for this one :)

I suppose there's the alternative of phrasing it as something like:
   "OpenSSH version not found (exit code: {0})\n"
...but I'm not sure it helps.

>>> #: ../glade/smuxi-frontend-gnome.glade.h:60
>>> msgid ""
>>> "The nickname to use. You can specify extra nicknames (separated by
>>> spaces) " "which will be used as fallbacks when the first choice is
>>> not available. By " "default $nick_ and $nick__ will be used as
>>> fallback." msgstr ""
>> Should the last word be "fallbacks"?
> This is what Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> wrote, to me it doesn't look
> correct either as there are 2 named nicks to be used as fallback.
> Justin any comment on this?

I was thinking of the whole thing as fallback behaviour, but now you
mention it, yes, plural is better.

>>> #: ../src/Frontend-GNOME/Views/Chats/GroupChatView.cs:233
>>> #, csharp-format
>>> msgid "Syncing chat persons of {0}..."
>>> msgstr ""
>> Hmm. I don't understand what the string means. (Would make it hard to
> > translate. ;-) Could it be rephrased?
> I know it's very technical, what about:
> // TRANSLATOR: {0} is the name of the chat
> Retrieving chat attendees of {0}...

I've never seen the word "attendee" used outside the context of
business functions and conventions.  (The word also has a more
logical-seeming sense as "person served by attendants", but that's

I wouldn't use the word "chat" that way, either.  As a non-count
noun, "chat" can refer to the communications medium; but "a/the 
chat" has to be in the sense of a conversation (probably offline).
The "place" you go to for an online chat session isn't a "chat",
it's a channel, group, chatroom, board, or whatever.  Maybe you
should just leave it out.

I'd suggest something like:
  Retrieving channel residents of {0}...
  Checking current population of {0}...
or indeed
  Performing census of {0}...
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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