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Re: review of new Debian Financial Partners page

Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> The debian site is rebuilt at defined hours during the 24 h period. So
> modifications are not displayed real time...
> The cvs repository contains the up to the minute version. 

I wouldn't know where to get at that.

> A http://www.debian.org/partners/financial_partners.en.html version (the
> table width was corrected at cvs version a few minutes ago) should have
> been compiled already by now.
> Please, verify its language correctness.

I only see one sentence of content:

| Debian Financial Partners listing
| The following organizations have donated money to Debian Project,
| as one way of contributing through Debian Partners Program.

There are a couple of missing articles:

  The following organizations have donated money to the Debian Project,
  as one way of contributing through the Debian Partners Program.

The page it links to says that cash donations to the project
_aren't_ a way for an organisation to qualify for Partner status,
but presumably you're planning to add a "Financial Partners"
category to that page.

> I have special doubts of how should "donated amount" column be written.

If this is something debian-l10n-english gets to decide then I
suppose it should follow LC_MONETARY=en_US: "Donations: USD xxx.xx"

> Also, how to politely write that if one would like to get its company
> listed (because of previous donations no listed yet) should contact
> partners team (preferably using debian-publicity mailing list, or
> through partners @ d.o)?

Maybe something like this:

	Companies that have made previous financial donations can
	contact the Debian Partners team at partners@debian.org or
	the debian-publicity mailing list to have their
	contributions listed here.

Or should the "at..." part just be covered by a link on "Debian

> The entire page is for reviewing, for sure.

If I'm reviewing the "placeholder" texts and other formatting I
should point out:

| Updated: 30 october 2009.         

Upper case for month names: "October".  But why not use the same
format as the webpage's "Last Modified" footer?

Oh, and if you want "standard" filler content, see
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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