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Re: review of new Debian Financial Partners page

Hello, Justin
Thanks for your reply.
The debian site is rebuilt at defined hours during the 24 h period. So
modifications are not displayed real time...
The cvs repository contains the up to the minute version. 
A http://www.debian.org/partners/financial_partners.en.html version (the
table width was corrected at cvs version a few minutes ago) should have
been compiled already by now.
Please, verify its language correctness.
I have special doubts of how should "donated amount" column be written.
Also, how to politely write that if one would like to get its company
listed (because of previous donations no listed yet) should contact
partners team (preferably using debian-publicity mailing list, or
through partners @ d.o)?
The entire page is for reviewing, for sure.
Andre Felipe Machado

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