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Re: [LCFC] templates://kde4libs/{kdelibs5.templates}

Quoting Modestas Vainius (modestas@vainius.eu):

> Even though I wrote a title of kdelibs5/upgrade_kdehome_running myself, I 
> don't like it too much (sort of convoluted). I would appreciate if you could 
> come up with a better wording. Maybe just "Stop unsafe KDE 4 upgrade now"?

I changed the synopsis to "Stop unsafe KDE 4 upgrade?"

"now" wouldn't be a good idea as it makes reference to the debconf
interface and timing and in some circumstances, the "stop" action
wouldn't be happening "now" (Particularly during large upgrades).

Is that OK with you (you'll have anyway chances to comment on the bug
report so that we're all sure we're talking about the same set of
modified templates).

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