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Re: Request for review: python-cloudfiles description

Michael Shuler wrote:
(Underlining excess buzzwords)
>>   Description: Rackspace Cloud Files service $LANGNAME interface
>>    Cloud Files is a parallel, virtualized, distributed storage system run
>>    as a commercial web-based backup and archiving service. It is accessed
>>    via a web services API, which requires a paid account with Rackspace.
>>    .
>>    This package provides a client-side Python module for the Cloud Files
>>    REST API, supporting container and file object operations as well as
>>    CDN management.
>> I hope that's not mangling it too badly.
> Not at all.  I've been trying to mangle it for days.
> Stating that Cloud Files is a backup and archiving service is not
> exactly accurate, although it can be used for those purposes - much like
> a hard disk is not a backup and archiving device.

I could argue it is indeed "run as" such a service by Rackmount.
How about passing the buck by saying it's "advertised as a
commercial web-based (etc)"?

> There are
> applications like duplicity and others that use the system to store and
> retrieve data that I would call backup and archiving applications, but
> Cloud Files is just the big disk in the sky.  Basically, Cloud Files is
> the same kind of storage service as Amazon S3, for a frame of reference,
> if that helps

What other words for it haven't we tried yet?  "Online" (to replace
one of the repetitions of "web"), "hosting"... "cloud" would be a
bit redundant.  "Run as a commercial online data hosting service"?

Scanning the adverts, the parts we're echoing seem to focus on the
"scalable storage" side; should we also throw in something about the
supposed advantages in terms of fast access from arbitrary points on
the Internet?  But it's hard to do that in few enough words.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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