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Re: [RFR] templates://syscp/{templates}

Hi Christian and the famous d-l10n-en team,

I feel like a newbie with all these corrections, and even more I seem to
need english lessons... :(

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 06:50:07PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
>  Template: syscp/admin-password
>  Type: password
>  Default:
>  _Description: Password for the first admin user:
> - To secure your new admin user's login you should now set a password for the
> - new user.
> + Please choose a password for the new admin user.
>   .
>   If you leave this field empty, the password will be randomly generated.
>   .
> This is not "my" user (the user installing the package is not
> necessarily the owner of the service...).

Okay, the pronouns... didn't know better. Ack from me, fwiw.
>  Template: syscp/no-config
>  Type: note
>  _Description: Daemons not configured
>   Please note that, in order to keep your current installation safe, SysCP did
> - not reconfigure your mail or ftp server. You need to configure them to use the
> + not reconfigure the mail or FTP servers. They should be configured
> + to use the
>   MySQL table provided by SysCP.
>   .
> - SysCP furthermore needs cron jobs to run which are also not installed
> - automatically as those would reload your web server unexpectedly.
> + SysCP also needs cron jobs. They are not installed
> + automatically because they restart the web server which you probably want
> + to keep controlled.
>   .
> - Find some example configurations at /usr/share/doc/syscp/examples.
> + Some example configurations may be found in /usr/share/doc/syscp/examples.
> Frankly speaking, that note is debconf abuse..:-)
> Such information should go in README.Debian and such notes should not
> interrupt package installations. See debconf-devel(7) for a full
> rationale about why Debconf Notes Are Evil.

If you guys all consider this debconf abuse I'll trust your word. SysCP
is pretty useless unless cron jobs and daemon configs are adjusted.
Since a package is meant to work after installation I thought it might
be worth a note during installation. But OTOH you're right; it
interrupts the installation process and thus can be considered abuse.

Please, if you think I should leave that note out, tell me (e.g. in the
bug report you're going to file) and I kick it out before translators
get to see the template.

Thanks for reviewing!

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