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Re: [RFR] templates://jack-audio-connection-kit/{jackd.templates}

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 12:04:04AM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> I notice you've taken out the references to the fact that a "yes"
> will give a limits.d entry saying "@audio -  memlock unlimited".
> The reasoning behind this memlock line is a bit controversial (see
> bug #507248, and note that even the jackd README.Debian doesn't
> recommend changing memlock settings) but this debconf question looks
> like a good solution, as long as it's an informed decision:
>     To run jackd with realtime priority, the user starting jackd
>     needs realtime permissions. Accept this option to create the
>     file /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf, granting realtime
>     priority and memlock privileges to the audio group.

Agreed, and I've just noticed the original template talks about
/etc/security/limits.conf and /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf
interchangeably, which I'm sure can't be right. 

Adrian, which should it be? I'm fairly sure from postinst that it's the latter.

> I'm also trying not to talk about the installer, since (as the
> limits.d file points out) you can revisit it with dpkg-reconfigure.


> >  Description: JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients) 
> >   Low-latency sound server. JACK allows the connection of multiple applications
> >   to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between
> >   themselves.
> That first phrase in the long description probably ought to be a
> full sentence.  The obvious fix, with knock-on effects, is:
>     JACK is a low-latency sound server, allowing multiple applications to
>     connect to one audio device, and to share audio between themselves.

Sounds good to me (I'm going to ignore the recursive acronym nightmare in
the interests of my sanity :)

> Something's gone wrong with my control file patch... oh, I see, your
> version doesn't have the stanza for a "jackd-firewire" package, new
> in the latest unstable version.  I'll just apply the same changes.

Oopsie, sorry about that. You've caught the only change, everything else is
as it should be.


Jonathan Wiltshire

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