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Re: [RFR] description for package bluemindo

Thibaut GIRKA wrote:
> Description: really simple but powerful audio player
>  Bluemindo is a really simple but powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK,
>  using GStreamer.
>  .
>  Features include:
>    * Download pictures for artists and album or lyrics of the current
>      playing song
>    * Different view modes (lightweight, basic, normal or full)
>    * Plugin support
>    * Desktop notifications
>      (you need the 'python-notify' package)
>    * Change the status message of the Gajim Instant Messenger
>      (you need the 'python-dbus' package)
>    * Send music to your last.fm profile or your Jabber account
>      (for jabber, you need the 'python-xmpp' package)

Like Jonathan said, this is already good, but I'm afraid I can still
find things to quibble about with that list of bulletpoints.  One's
trivial to fix: you only need a one-space indent before the bullet.
The other's much pickier: the items aren't quite parallel.  Here's a
version where each line is a verb phrase (following from the
introductory "you can..."):

 With Bluemindo you can:
  * download lyrics, album-covers, or a picture of the artist, for
    the current playing song;
  * choose between four different view modes (lightweight, basic,
    normal, or full);
  * use plugins;
  * get desktop notifications (requires python-notify);
  * update Gajim's status message (requires python-dbus);
  * send music to your Jabber account (requires python-xmpp) or to
    your Last.fm profile.

JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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