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[RFR] description for package bluemindo

As suggested by my mentor, I'd like comments on bluemindo's package

Description: really simple but powerful audio player
 Bluemindo is a really simple but powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK,
 using GStreamer.
 Features include:
   * Download pictures for artists and album or lyrics of the current
     playing song
   * Different view modes (lightweight, basic, normal or full)
   * Plugin support
   * Desktop notifications
     (you need the 'python-notify' package)
   * Change the status message of the Gajim Instant Messenger
     (you need the 'python-dbus' package)
   * Send music to your last.fm profile or your Jabber account
     (for jabber, you need the 'python-xmpp' package)

PS: Please keep me in CC in your replies, as I'm not suscribed to the

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