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Re: Problems in the po file you sent for translation

Esko Arajärvi wrote:
> I'm not sure whether the choices of the libnss-ldapd/nsswitch should be 
> translatable also, but I vaguely remember that this was discussed earlier and 
> that they shouldn't be. I copy them here below so that others can easily give 
> their opinion.
> Template: libnss-ldapd/nsswitch
> Type: multiselect
> Choices: aliases, ethers, group, hosts, netgroup, networks, passwd, protocols, 
> rpc, services, shadow
> _Description: Name services to configure:
>  For this package to work, you need to modify your /etc/nsswitch.conf to use
>  the ldap datasource.
>  .
>  You can select the services that should be enabled or disabled for LDAP
>  lookups. The new LDAP lookups will be added as last option. Be sure to review
>  these changes.

I was assuming these shouldn't be translated for the same reason
that LDAP and RPC shouldn't be capitalised: each choice is a
specific string that will end up in /etc/nsswitch.conf if selected.
Perhaps there should be a pointer to the list in nsswitch.conf(5)?
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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