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Re: manpage help

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 03:34:17PM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Ben Finney wrote:
> > Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de> writes:
> > You haven't given context, so I assume this is describing an option to
> > a “search criteria” function.
> I happen to recognise it as wishlist bug #523523.

Right, my apologies, I could have mentioned it in the first place.

> > =====
> > --debtags [tag [, tag]...]
> > 
> > Match packages based on the listed tags. Each package is matched only
> > if it has all the listed tags; in the case of multiple tags within the
> > same facet, a package is matched if it has any one of the listed tags
> > within a facet.
>   --debtags [FACET::TAG [, FACET::TAG]...]
>   Match packages with the listed debtags. A package will match if it
>   has all the listed tags, or where multiple tags within one facet
>   are listed, if it has any one of the listed tags within that facet.

Is it just me or is Ben's suggestion easier to read?

> > For example, specifying an option of ‘--debtags
> > implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python’ specifies a
> > tag from the ‘role’ facet and two tags from the ‘implemented-in’
> > facet; the match will only include packages that have the
> > ‘role::plugin’ tag and that have either of the tags
> > ‘implemented-in::perl’ or ‘implemented-in::python’.
> (I'm assuming the single-curly-quotes above and my lazy ASCII ones
> below represent the nroff equivalent of <code></code> markup.)

There is something like that? Maybe I need to learn all that man page
stuff eventually... :-/

> Or since rc-alert already has an EXAMPLES section, move it to there
> as something like:
>   --debtags implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python
> 	The bug must apply to packages matching the specified
> 	debtags: they must have the tags 'role::plugin' AND either
> 	'implemented-in::perl' OR 'implemented-in::python'.

Right, I could move it there but honestly I don't really like this
choice of words. I just don't like expressing program logic with english
words, like in this case AND and OR. :)

> Don't forget to add a "SEE ALSO debtags(1)"!

Thanks for the hint. I would've forgotten!


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