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Re: manpage help

Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de> writes:

> I'm not an english native speaker and have a problem with correctly
> describing the usage of a command line argument (so that others are
> able to parse my attempt to write english). :)

Thanks for asking for assistance with this, it's good to see more
requests like this.

> --debtags implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python
> leads to a list of packages with each package being of role plugin and
> implemented in either perl or python, which means that different tag
> keys are and'd and same ones are or'd.

You haven't given context, so I assume this is describing an option to
a “search criteria” function.

In the ‘debtags’ terminology <URL:http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/>,
a general classification is called a “facet”, and within a facet are
the specific “tags” for that facet.

--debtags [tag [, tag]...]

Match packages based on the listed tags. Each package is matched only
if it has all the listed tags; in the case of multiple tags within the
same facet, a package is matched if it has any one of the listed tags
within a facet.

For example, specifying an option of ‘--debtags
implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python’ specifies a
tag from the ‘role’ facet and two tags from the ‘implemented-in’
facet; the match will only include packages that have the
‘role::plugin’ tag and that have either of the tags
‘implemented-in::perl’ or ‘implemented-in::python’.


That's rather wordy, perhaps more concise versions could be given; but
this is a specification with complex semantics and it might be best to
be very explicit.

> PS: I'm not subscribed.

Cc field added.

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