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Re: manpage help

Ben Finney wrote:
> Jan Hauke Rahm <info@jhr-online.de> writes:
>> --debtags implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python
>> leads to a list of packages with each package being of role plugin and
>> implemented in either perl or python, which means that different tag
>> keys are and'd and same ones are or'd.
> You haven't given context, so I assume this is describing an option to
> a “search criteria” function.

I happen to recognise it as wishlist bug #523523.

> =====
> --debtags [tag [, tag]...]
> Match packages based on the listed tags. Each package is matched only
> if it has all the listed tags; in the case of multiple tags within the
> same facet, a package is matched if it has any one of the listed tags
> within a facet.

  --debtags [FACET::TAG [, FACET::TAG]...]
  Match packages with the listed debtags. A package will match if it
  has all the listed tags, or where multiple tags within one facet
  are listed, if it has any one of the listed tags within that facet.

> For example, specifying an option of ‘--debtags
> implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python’ specifies a
> tag from the ‘role’ facet and two tags from the ‘implemented-in’
> facet; the match will only include packages that have the
> ‘role::plugin’ tag and that have either of the tags
> ‘implemented-in::perl’ or ‘implemented-in::python’.

(I'm assuming the single-curly-quotes above and my lazy ASCII ones
below represent the nroff equivalent of <code></code> markup.)

We can sneak the logical operators back in disguised as normal
English conjunctions:

  For example '--debtags
  which specifies a tag from the 'role' facet plus two tags from the
  'implemented-in' facet, will match only packages that have the
  tags 'role::plugin' AND either 'implemented-in::perl' OR

Or since rc-alert already has an EXAMPLES section, move it to there
as something like:

  --debtags implemented-in::perl,role::plugin,implemented-in::python
	The bug must apply to packages matching the specified
	debtags: they must have the tags 'role::plugin' AND either
	'implemented-in::perl' OR 'implemented-in::python'.

Don't forget to add a "SEE ALSO debtags(1)"!
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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