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Re: [ITR] templates://unattended-upgrades/{templates}

Quoting Michael Vogt (mvo@debian.org):

> > The Debian internationalisation team and the Debian English
> > localisation team will soon begin the review of the debconf
> > templates used in unattended-upgrades.
> Thanks a lot, that is a great service :)
> > This review takes place for all packages that use debconf to interact with
> > users and its aims are:
> > - to improve the use of English in all debconf templates;
> > - to make the wording of debconf templates more consistent;
> > - to encourage more translations of templates.
> Is there a similar process going on for the package descriptions? I
> remember reading about one.

When we review debconf templates, we also review package descriptions,

And, of course, any maintainer is free to ask for a review on

However, we don't have a regular system organized to review all
package descriptions.....which would anyway be a huge work....:)

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