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Re: [RFR] fex package

Justin B Rye ha scritto:

> (So shouldn't the package have a 
> "Depends: apache2 | httpd" field?)

No, it comes with its own web server

> (Even if my web server has a 1GB hard drive?  

Obviously no :)

> Since when has there
> been a file size limit for SMTP, anyway?  

Yes, mail is needed only to receive a link.

> And does this F*EX
> transfer really go over the net uncompressed and unencrypted?) 

There is a doc/SSL that explains how to setup fex web server with SSL

> In these days of MacOS X, "real UNIX" user != shell user.  Say:
>     * shell clients provided for commandline users: fexsend and fexget.
> (I need to install the server to get these clients?)

No, you need to install fex-utils

> Description: web service for transferring very large files
>  F*EX (Frams's Fast File EXchange) is a service for transferring big (large,
>  huge, giant) files from a user A to a user B, anywhere on the Internet.
>  .
>  The sender uploads the file to the F*EX-server and the recipient
>  automatically gets a notification e-mail with a download-URL.
>  .
>  Main features of F*EX:
>  .
>   * file transfer of virtually unlimited file size
>   * sender and recipient only need an e-mail program and a web browser
>     (of any kind; they do not have to install any software)
>   * RESEND and REGET for resuming after link failures at last sent byte
>   * auto-notification of recipient
>   * auto-deletion after download
>   * auto-deletion after expiration date (default: 5 days)
>   * full-users can create sub-users, who can send only to this full-user
>   * maintenance-free: no administration necessary beyond creating new
>     F*EX accounts
>   * multiple recipients only require one stored copy
>   * F*EX uses HTTP and needs no firewall tunnels
>   * support for streams, too (SEX: Stream EXchange)
>   * shell clients provided for commandline users: fexsend and fexget.



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