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Questions regarding wording in DPN #9, #10 and #11

I'm currently translating those DPN and I noted a couple of phrases
which sound awkward to me. Since I'm not a native speaker, I'd like to
get the opinion of a member of this list before changeing them.

Here goes the list:
1) Valessio Brito announced that the work for artwork and themes for
   the upcoming stable release of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0" Lenny has been
   started during DebCamp the hacking session before the annual Debian

   Besides the missing ", is there a comma after DebCamp?

2) In the meantime and updated version of the desktop-base package has
   been uploaded including a new default theme as well as a second
   I'd change "and updated" to "an updated".

3) The main features are, that these Live images are build 100%
   with packages in Debians main section and different flavours (GNOME,
   KDE and Xfce as well as a small image without graphical environment.

   First, I'd remove the comma between "are" and "that", then I'd add
   a closing bracket at the end of the sentence (before the full
   stop), but even then I think the sentence does not sound
   gramatically correct. 

4) He especially wonders, if whether there's a similar approach for 
   applications using perl and CGI::Session.

   I'd s/, if//

5) Since he usually turns that feature of, which seems to him only
   slow apt down and wastes a lot of bandwidth of our mirror network.

   First s/of/off/, but still the sentence sounds strange to me.
   Somehow the "since" does not fit, and s/slow/to slow/ looks missing
   (but would it then be "to waste" as well?).

6) This announcement lead to the questions regarding the file transfer
   between different hosts of the Debian infrastructure.

   Is "the questions" ok? (I'd simply use "questions")

7) Regarding the release notes, he asks that any issues that should be 
   documented should be reported as bug against the release-notes
   pseudo package.

   Wouldn't that be "as bugs" (plural), or even better "as a bug"?

Thanks for the help!


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