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Re: [RFR] Please review ample NEWS.Debian file

Rene Mayorga wrote:
> I added a NEWS.Debian file but I'm not confident about my english so a
> nice review from debian-l10n-english team would be nice :)
> Here is the text from NEWS.Debian
> -------------------
>   Since 0.5.7-5 ample could write a pidfile and run as a daemon
>   for unattended use, a sample config file is included also an
>   init script.
>   Daemon use will remain disabled by default
>   please edit /etc/default/ample in order to enable it.
>   The -i option was added in this release, this option write
>   a pidfile on the given directory, please check ample(1)
> -------------------
I started out just tweaking the tenses, but then I started feeling
that it should be clearer that the /etc/ample/ample.conf and
/etc/init.d/ample files are already in place (not just in
/usr/share/doc/ample/examples), and that you just need to switch on

    Since 0.5.7-5 ample can write a PID file and run as a daemon for
    unattended use. This is disabled by default, but an init script and
    basic config file are included in the package. To enable daemon mode,
    edit /etc/default/ample.

    This release also adds the option -i, which writes a PID file in the
    given directory - see ample(1).

JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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